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Feel the peace

Visit the surroundings of Nova Gradiška because the unreal natural ambiance by itself offers relaxation and a getaway from everyday life. Just the view of endless fields, the experience of a dense forest and the sound of a stream is enough to feel peace…

Strmac Resort

Strmac is situated in a beautiful open valley with mountain stream ‘Šumetlica’ flowing through it! Strmac is a real natural pearl suitable for camping, family and social excursions, as well as swimming and recreation.

On the Northside, Strmac is protected from winds by the mighty Psunj mountain where you can find the highest peak of Slavonia – Brezovo polje – 988 m above the sea level!

In addition to active tourism and beneficial fresh air ‘baths’, you  can also enjoy concerts on a special summer stage as well as moto meetings that have been held there for years!

Cernik – Franciscan monastery

The building process of the monastery started in 1728 and the foundations of St. Peter church were set in 1736, those buildings are today’s center of cultural and religious tourism! The monastery library has around 7000 books (two incunabulas – first printing edition), and in addition to books, the monastery also preserves valuable historical artifacts and has the Gallery of Contemporary Art!

Gračanica Tower

This historical and archeological pearl is definitely worth a walk. Because of the precision and quality of construction, historians claim that mystical Templars are behind the construction of the Tower. It once served as a military facility and watchtower, and today is one of the best-preserved medieval fortifications.

Kulmer Castle

The medieval Cernik fortress is mentioned in historical documents during the 14th and early 15th century. Despite numerous remodeling, especially after the Baroque renovation in the 18th century, the castle preserved its fairytale look!

Eco – ethno village Stara Kapela

The small tamed village of Stara Kapela will take you a few steps back in our history and show you how our ancestors lived. From today’s perspective, it seems very romantic…

Rustic household ‘Opođe’

On the southern slopes of Psunj and the western ones of Požeška gora, in the town of Cernik, there is a true oasis of peace, tradition, but also an active vacation that will provide you and your family with unforgettable experiences.

Matin and Ana’s estate – Gornji Crnogovci

Discover a unique blend of modernity and tradition on another estate that honors old Slavonia!