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Small town big events

Nova Gradiška knows how to entertain you, bring a smile to your face, and make you feel the most beautiful feelings which will make you come back to our events!

NG Summer

 One of our most significant events during the summer evenings offers a range of cultural and musical events. In mid-August, many visitors enjoy carefully designed five-day themed music evenings (Evening of Classics, Rock Evening, Tamburica Evening, Fun Evening, Evening of Tradition and Folklore). Every year it is visited by more and more visitors and because of that, the event has profiled itself as the event of the year in this part of Slavonia.

Christmas fair in our town

Our Christmas fair is full of fun content, colors, holiday scents, tastes, music and that feeling of sweet anticipation. The Christmas Fair offers local Slavonian products and a number of cultural and entertainment events, primarily for the youngest!

International Oldtimer Meeting

The first Saturday of July in Nova Gradiška is reserved for the ‘International Oldtimer Meeting’ organized by the Old Timer Club “Classic 99”, the only one of its kind in the town! All fans of oldtimers, on two or four wheels, enjoy perfectly preserved vehicles that tell you the most beautiful stories from the past!

I love… summer and culture!

During the summer evenings in the town park, the real magic happens – our park becomes a music and theater stage, a cinema hall, a place where musicians, poets, and actors meet… With the event ‘I love… summer and culture!’ during the hottest summer months, M. A. Relković Open University offers interesting cultural, creative, and educational content to visitors of all generations every week in order to refresh themselves with culture during the summer heat.

Promenade concerts of Nova Gradiška Town Orchestra

Throughout the summer and early autumn, this valuable association of ours organizes Sunday concerts in the park.

Flight with the Gavran

This theatrical-literary event is dedicated to the theatrical and prose work of one of our most famous natives, Miro Gavran, the most performed contemporary Croatian playwrighter in the country and abroad.


‘RockStarci’ is a music open-air rock festival that has been traditionally held for many years in the small Slavonian village of Starci near Staro Petrovo Selo village. This “Slavonian Woodstock” was created quite spontaneously, and today it is one of the biggest Slavonian attractions.

Moto Meeting on Strmac

One of the biggest moto meetings in Slavonia is special because it takes place in the most beautiful ambiance of the Strmac resort! The idyllic atmosphere, exceptional gastronomic offer, top music performers and the smell of burning rubber attract more and more visitors and participants from various countries every year.

Bean stew festival

A fun January gastronomic event brings together contestants who compete for the title of best-cooked bean stew. Numerous locals and guests show off their culinary skills and compete with other teams.

Carnival days

Carnival is part of the Slavonian tradition which is adored by both juniors and seniors! Let your imagination run wild, create a mask, and have fun on carnival days in Nova Gradiška.

Festival of Čobanac stew

It is not a secret that Slavonians like to eat well. Another gastronomic event in a row, May competition in making the best meat stew – Čobanac. The right place to activate those taste buds.

Cabbage rolls and cornbread festival

This April gastronomic event aims to preserve a specific indigenous Slavonian gourmet tradition of making Cabbage rolls known as ‘Sarma’ and ‘proja’ – special, healthy, and nutritious bread from corn flour.

Open-air cinema

Warm summer evenings are ideal for visiting Nova Gradiška. Our host, M. A. Relković Open University, treats you with a variety of cultural events, including screenings of carefully selected films of domestic and world cinematography.

In memory of Ivo Petranović

Sports event that is traditionally held in January, organized by Handball Veterans Nova Gradiška. An international meeting that brings together a large number of handball players and offers a superior sports experience.